In the current scenario, the once-cherished dream of countless Indian youth to proudly serve in the Army is overshadowed by injustice and negligence. The BJP's political manoeuvres have shattered the aspirations of these young individuals, leaving them at the mercy of broken promises. The Modi government, under the guise of the Agnipath plan, has cast a shadow over the futures of over 1.5 lakh promising youth.

Candidates, selected for recruitment into the armed forces and having completed all necessary procedures in 2019-22, are still awaiting their appointments. The so-called revolutionary Agnipath plan, touted as an advancement in military recruitment, has instead robbed these young aspirants of their dreams and sown seeds of insecurity...

The BJP government's Agnipath plan not only shattered the dreams of our youth to join the army but also posed a serious crisis for the future of our defense forces. According to former Army Chief M.M. Naravane, this plan has tragically led to the suicides of 64 youths in Bihar alone, placing direct responsibility on the sitting BJP government at the centre.

This fight extends beyond the 1.5 lakh young individuals whose rights have been neglected by the government; it represents every young person who dreams of serving in the army. It is a battle to secure justice for all our youth who aspire to dedicate themselves to the armed forces.

We, the Indian National Congress, stand against this injustice and are committed to safeguarding the dreams of the youth and the legacy of the Indian Army. We will continue to struggle against this injustice until justice is served.

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Our Demands

Immediately appoint the 1.5 lakh deserving candidates, selected between 2019-22 who were denied their rightful position

We demand that the 1.5 lakh youth selected for the Army, Air Force, and Navy during 2019-22 be provided immediate joining without any delay.

Reinstate the old recruitment system & make current Agniveers permanent. End the unjust Agnipath scheme

We strongly urge the government to immediately abolish the Agnipath scheme, implement permanent retention for Agniveer recruits and reinstate the old recruitment process.

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Let's unite with the Indian National Congress to advocate not just for the rights of these young aspirants but also to uphold the integrity and esteem of our armed forces. This situation represents a direct attack on the pride and dignity of our nation.

Your support and participation will compel this authoritarian government to ensure 'Nyay'

I support the struggle against the injustice with 1.5 lakh selected candidates and demand reinstatement of the permanent army recruitment system.

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Frequently Asked Questions

01 What is the "Jay Jawan Campaign"?


What is the "Jay Jawan Campaign"?

This campaign is dedicated to those youths who have faced injustice in the Indian armed forces. Due to the implementation of the Agnipath scheme, around 1.5 lakh candidates selected for the Army, Air Force, and Navy between 2019-22 were denied joining. This campaign is a fight for justice against the injustice faced by these youths.
02 How to join the "Jay Jawan Campaign"?


How to join the "Jay Jawan Campaign"?

To join the Jai Jawan Campaign, give a missed call to 9999812024 or register here :
03 Why join the "Jay Jawan Campaign"?


Why join the "Jay Jawan Campaign"?

There are widespread attacks on job opportunities for the country's youth, whether it is in the context of military recruitment or education, including universities. In such times, it has become crucial for all of us to unite against this injustice and participate in the battle for justice.
04 What are our demands?


What are our demands?

  1. Immediate joining of selected candidates in the army: We demand that the 1.5 lakh youths selected between 2019-2022 for the Army, Air Force, and Navy be provided with immediate joining without any delay.
  2. Reinstate the old and permanent army recruitment process and immediately terminate the Agnipath scheme: We urge the government to immediately abolish the Agnipath scheme, which has created an atmosphere of uncertainty and disappointment among the youth. Our demand is to reintroduce the old and permanent recruitment process implemented by the previous Congress government, ensuring a respectable and secure future for the youth.